How to start a creative business?

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

These days, almost every 1 in 3 people wants to be a business owner and a survey by University of Phoenix found that as much as 63% of people in their 20s want to start their own small business. Whether you are thinking about starting an art or design business, a gifting or event business, or maybe even a fashion brand, you're probably thinking about how you can plan it for success. Well, no one starts something with a plan to fail intentionally but failing (or stagnant growth) happens all the time! So the question is, how do you start it right?

Here, I will uncover 2 of my best tips to start and how I grew it successfully on Instagram.

1) Discover your purpose

My mentees/clients often come to me with questions about "HOW": how to grow, how to sustain, how to make more sales etc, but I will always throw them back this question "WHY". More often than not, they struggle to answer the why. It is so important to ask yourself, why do you want to start a small creative business (or any business as a matter of fact) and communicate that to others. For example, when I started my business, I knew I wanted to do art and help people to find creativity in it so I established that purpose in a short statement “Empowering you to be creative through art” and had sub missions to the different areas of my business as it expands.

Establishing this in the early stages is crucial to growing a successful business and here's why:

  • It helps you set your long term business strategies. This is the secret (not so secretive) to deciding what I say yes or no to for my business. It helps me think about the long term effects on my business instead of making short term decisions because it doesn't align to my purpose. Without a purpose, it's like steering a boat in the ocean without a direction or a place to go. Whatever you decide to do, whatever concepts you've learnt, the purpose of your business steers the plan.

  • It gives you a bigger competitive advantage.Think about what the purpose is and who you want to hear it. There's competition for everything and if you want to stand out from the competition or grow your niche, you have got to define your purpose. You won't get stuck in competing with prices and it pushes you to innovate ideas for your business. One o