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Signature JCCS Papers (Deckled Edges Cotton Sheets)

Signature JCCS Papers (Deckled Edges Cotton Sheets)


Introducing our Signature JCCS Papers, perfect for all your artistic endeavors. Made entirely from recycling waste cotton rags, these 300GSM, 100% cotton sheets have a lovely texture that is perfect for watercolour painting and mixed media projects. Featuring deckled edges that lend a delicate vintage vibe to your creations, these high-quality papers are fully recycled and archival grade. Plus, they're affordable, making them the perfect choice for artists on a budget.

Order your Signature JCCS Papers today and create something beautiful. Every sheet you paint on is beautifully made by skilled paper makers in India.


Available in A5, A4 & A3 sizes

A5 - 10pcs

A4 - 10pcs

A3 - 10pcs



*Please note that since they are made with fully recycled cotton rags, the papers will have traces of threads and freckles making them truly tree free papers.

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