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JCCS Essential Palette (Primary Palette)

JCCS Essential Palette (Primary Palette)


Palette + Video Tutorial

Our New JCCS Essential palette consist of 3 primaries (Primary Red, Primary Yellow, Primary Blue) and an additional green colour (Ethereal). This makes an essential palette and decreases mixing time with an additional green in your palette while still minimal. While we love a wide range of colours, having a limited palette will really help you enlarge your creativity and it enables you to learn a lot more about colours through mixing. This is a set that mixes a range of bright colours and also with the additional green, colours can be earthy and muted.


You may purchase just the primary colours in half pans or the full essential palette in quarter pans. Comes with a complementary tin box.


This palette comes with a complementary video tutorial teaching you how to mix primary colours. The perfect set for beginners or anyone who wishes to work with a minimal palette! This video tutorial is from our past primary palette but the theory is the same and is applicable for this palette.


Please note that the video tutorial will be sent to the email you include at check out within 48 hours of purchase. Thank you.

About our pan sizes:

Quarter Pan : 1ml

Half pan :2.2ml

Round metal pan : 2.6ml

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